three hot heads








pick your poison

completely plain

Buns and patties. That's it. I bet you like vanilla ice cream too, you monster.

the cheesemeister

Mozzarella, cheddar and american cheese. Just a lot of cheese.

good ol' bacon

Delicious crispy bacon stacked high. Fresh pickles. A dallop of handmade mayo. That's a meal for the gods right there.

magic mushrooms

Sautéed Shiitake mushrooms generously heaped on. The foodgasm you get will have you hallucinating afterward, legally.

double the fun

+ $5

Some folks like being adventurous and we're not gonna stop you. Pick any two poisons and we'll whip it up for you. A gastronomic delight or culinary disaster? We'll let you decide.

And have a free patty on us, you absolute legend.


an extra patty

+ $2

more please!

+ $5

Twice the toppings for less than another burger! What a steal!

full meal, full belly

+ $5

Any side and drink of your choosing.

You're the king here.

choose a sidekick

bacon & cheese fries

mac & cheese

english-style chips

onion rings

crispy hash browns

spicy potato wedges

+ $4

grab a cold one

coke float

orange juice

fizzy lemonade

iced peach tea

chocolate milkshake

a bottle of water

+ $2